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Snow Ski Tips For Beginners

Skiing is a whole lot of fun! With these skiing tips a beginner will have a great first day out on the slopes. Joe Ski Bum encourages non skiers to take up the fun that so many of us slider share, skiing. Once you start to learn to ski, your life will take on a whole new direction.


Dressed for a successful first day of skiing.

Snow Ski Tips For Beginners

by Corey Joe

Skiing is a lot of fun but it can be kind of intimidating for people who are new to the sport. Going up on a snowy mountain for the express purpose of sliding back down on thin skis attached to your feet sounds a little crazy at first. However, many people have learned to ski and loved it and many more have successfully tried out the sport before deciding it just wasn’t their thing. These tips might help beginners learn how to stand tall in the snow.

Wear Proper Outdoor Gear

It is possible to ski in all sorts of clothing but proper outdoor gear will make you much more comfortable. Especially since beginners tend to fall down, the right type of clothing will be essential to staying warm and dry. Because skiing is an activity and you will get warmer as you work, it is also essential to dress in layers.

Long underwear makes an ideal inner layer. Unlike cotton clothing long underwear wicks away sweat and helps you stay comfortable. People who want to stay especially comfortable should consider wearing a sweat-wicking pair of underwear and women might consider a similar sports bra.

Fleece is an ideal material for skiers. It remains warm even when wet and most fleece clothing is comfortable and easy to move in. However, it is not the only material that can be worn on the slopes. Some people make use of sweats and rain gear, especially if they aren’t sure they want to make a long-term commitment to skiing. This works but can get hot since rain gear doesn’t breathe.

Specially-made ski suits are another option. These can be either body suits or tops and bottoms that are made of an interior material like fleece and an exterior material similar to windbreakers. The pants and jacket type are more practical for bathroom breaks and changing. The suits tend to be more expensive than the other options but are often quite attractive and can make a new skier feel more at home on the slopes.

Mittens, gloves, socks and a hat should not be forgotten. Liner gloves with mittens that can go over them are a practical option because the gloves provide the dexterity required to take clothing on and off without removing all of the warmth from your hands while the mittens can keep them warmer the rest of the time. Thick socks will help you keep your feet cozy in the snow.

Sun Protection

Believe it or not, most first-time skiers wind up getting sunburned. Even though the sun isn’t as strong in the winter at the altitudes where ski resorts are usually found, the rays reflect quite efficiently off of the snow and ice. Wearing sunscreen on all of your exposed skin is important to ensure that you don’t wind up burned.

Goggles are an important part of sun protection. They keep your eyes from getting burned and they also help improve visibility. Without goggles you might wind up squinting and not be able to see what you are doing as well. Sunglasses work too but goggles are better for a few reasons. One is that they have sides which prevent the sun’s rays from getting to your eyes from any direction. Another is that they usually stay on better.

Ski Gear

Beginning skiers often prefer to rent their equipment. For convenience’s sake there are usually rental facilities on the slopes but you can rent them near your home if you prefer. People who know they have strong preferences or who have difficult feet may find it beneficial to buy boots or rent from a facility near their home so that they can try several if need be.

Have an experienced rental or sales professional fit your ski equipment for the best results. The length of your skis is based on both your level of experience and your height. The length of your poles is based solely on your height. Ski boots can be hard to get on even when they are the right size but should not feel too tight once they are on.

Starting to Ski

People take different approaches to beginning to ski. Some sign up for classes while others let family or friends show them how. Still others just throw themselves down the slopes and figure it out on their own. Taking the time to learn a few basic principles before heading up the lift can greatly increase your success, however, whether you learn these from a friend, professional instructor or the Internet.

A few things to think about on the slopes:

At the beginning level, poles are not really for downhill skiing. They can be used to move around on the flatter snow at the top or bottom of the slopes but should generally remain tucked up under your arms and parallel to the snow while you descend.

Bend your knees. This is the number one rule of not falling over while skiing and the first thing new skiers are taught. Bend your knees more if you feel unstable. The lower you are the less likely you are to fall and if you do, it won’t be as traumatic.

Shift your weight to turn. Going back and forth down the slopes produces a slower, more controllable descent than going straight down. This may take some practice and some demonstrations from others in order to master.

Altitude Effects

If you are new to high altitude as well as skiing remember that you will get winded more easily at these heights. Some people suffer from altitude sickness which can be made worse by dehydration so remember to drink plenty. Alcohol increases dehydration so think twice about drinking if you are already suffering from altitude sickness.


Skiing is a lot of fun but like any sport it can be dangerous. Most cautious beginners are more likely to be injured in the parking lot than on the slopes, however. Ski boots don’t offer much traction and they force you to walk strangely so be careful where there may be ice.

Don’t try slopes or moves that you are not comfortable with and do not mix alcohol or drugs with skiing. Both of these situations can lead to accidents where people get hurt. If you see another skier or snowboarder behaving irresponsibly, stay as far away from them as possible and make a report to the resort management.

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Staying warm when learning to ski is an easy part of the formula to having fun out on the slopes. Winter will soon be your favorite season! See you on the slopes.

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 RSS Feeds




25 resorts open in Europe and North America

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