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Indoor Skiing: The Basics

Indoor skiing? As the technology improves so does the indoor skiing, creating an all year round skiing and snowboarding experience in places that you would never guess that you could.


Indoor Skiing: The Basics

by Iain Duigan

When skiing, we often think that it can only be done outdoors, on mountain slopes, and only during winter. Well, that used to be the case. But with the help of human ingenuity, you can now go skiing in indoor facilities specially designed for skiing. These are indoor ski slopes and they are found in all big cities in most countries. In fact a lot of the time you probably live quite near to one without even knowing.

What do you need to know about these facilities, and what makes them great? This article will try and show you the wonders of indoor skiing.

Most people haven’t heard of the concept of indoor skiing yet. But the truth is, it’s not that much different to the common or garden variety. You still ski on a downhill slope, and you can still feel the cold from the snowy ground. Of course, the snow is produced by artificial means. But by no means is this type of “powder” inferior to that of natural snow. In fact, some of these facilities are designed in such a professional way, from the snow to the slopes, that some of them are actually used in official competitions.

So that lays the quality issues aside.

But there are other advantages that indoor skiing has to offer for people who try it. People who stand to benefit the most from these facilities are people who are new to the sport. Learning how to ski is best done in indoor facilities because they tend to be more forgiving than on outdoor slopes. Its surface is made in such a way that it absorbs falls better. What’s more, the slopes in indoor ski facilities are much more predictable than those found in the mountains.

Another advantage of skiing indoors that often gets lost in the discussion is you can ski there the whole year round. Outdoor skiing areas are often only open during the winter. But indoor skiing areas can be open the whole year round because the facility is self-maintained. That means you can go and ski there any time of the year, even during the extreme heat of the summer. In fact, some professional skiers use these facilities so they can train the whole year round.

Indoor skiing is becoming a popular option for adrenaline junkies worldwide, and for good reason. These facilities allow them to enjoy the thrills of skiing the whole year round, and they tend to be much safer to boot. Give it a try and you’ll soon learn to love it!

Learning to ski indoors is an excellent precursor to the real thing. Practice in safety and then hit the real slopes.

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Indoor skiing is gaining in popularity around the world, I personally love being outdoors in the winter weather, but if you want to ski or snowboard in warmer climates, then indoor skiing may be in your future. See you on the slopes.


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