Ski Resorts
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Ski resorts in the World by country

El Colorado, Chile. One of the best in the South Hemisphere.

View of a typical resort and its lifts (Małe Ciche, Poland)

A ski resort is a destination resort, often purpose-built and self-contained, where skiing is the main activity. The term ski station is also used, particularly in Europe, for a skiing facility which is not located in or near a town or village.

Ski areas have marked paths for skiing known as runs, trails or aerial trams for transportation across longer distances within the ski area.

Some ski resorts offer lodging options on the slopes themselves, with ski-in and ski-out access allowing guests to ski right up to the door. Ski resorts often have other activities, such as hottubbing, game rooms, and local forms of entertainment, such as clubs, cinema, theatre and cabarets.

Though skiing is less dangerous than many popular sports (such as bicycling, golf, football, swimming, and weightlifting),ski patrol service to ensure that injured skiers are rescued. The ski patrol is usually responsible for rule enforcement, marking hazards, closing individual runs (if a sufficient level of hazard exists), and removing (dismissing) dangerous participants from the area.

A ski resort which is also open for summer activities is often referred to as a mountain resort.

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